Government Compliance

Unions and their benefit funds are some of the most highly regulated and most frequently audited of all businesses in our country. We are familiar with the regulations formulated by the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Labor concerning the proper administration of a union as well as their funds. Our main goal is always to provide the proper representation to our clients in advance so that no issues arise during a government audit. When an issue does arise, we will work immediately to take appropriate corrective steps.

The firm has worked successfully with the government agencies in resolving such disputes to our client’s satisfaction in the past, but we are always willing to challenge erroneous determinations. Attorneys in the firm have been involved in litigation concerning questions of fiduciary responsibility, prohibited transactions, and fraud matters.

The legal morass that has developed in the field of union and benefit fund over-site is extensive and Gregorio ♦ Marco can help navigate a client through these obstacles to ensure that the client is in full compliance with its legal requirements.